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Got a Light on on your dashboard that you would like turned off? Book a Diagnostics check in Biddulph Moor at Booths Garage now. This online booking will be straight into our real-time diary and is a confirmed booking.

At Booths Garage we use the latest Engine Management Diagnostic Equipment at our car garage in Biddulph Moor to connect to your vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) allowing our highly trained technicians to find the cause of the problem.

Mechanic diagnosing a vehicle -  Car Diagnostics Biddulph Moor | Stoke on Trent

The various warning lights illuminate or display a message on the dash when there is a fault with the engine, fuel system, intake system or emission control system. This can cause a loss of power, knocking or other problems. It could be doing serious and potentially costly damage to components on the vehicle.

The ABS warning light illuminates when there is a problem with the Braking System or Vehicle Speed Sensing System. If this light is illuminated then the vehicle will fail the MOT test. Once this light is illuminated the vehicles ABS, Traction Control and / or Stability Control system is deactivated which will greatly reducing stability and increase your stopping distance.

The Airbag / SRS warning light illuminates when there is a problem with the Airbags, Safety Restraint System or Crash Sensor System. If this light is illuminated then the Airbags and Safety Restraint System are disabled, making the vehicle much more dangerous for the occupants in the event of a crash.

Don’t forget you can book a car diagnostics check in Biddulph Moor Online 24/7 365 days a year, but if you have any questions about any dashboard warnings please contact Booths Garage on 01782 513694 just complete our Online form.

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