Thanks to the Block Exemption Act 2003 and Booths Garage's high quality service, we are now able to offer Dealer Approved Servicing.

This means that you don't have to pay the dealers prices but you keep the same high quality service and your manufacturers vehicle warranty. We follow the same service schedules as the dealer and all our parts are to OE (Original Equipment) standard or above. Every service is specific to each vehicle dependant on its make, model, age and mileage to ensure you get the best service possible.

Every vehicle has a service report which contains a checklist of all the items which have been checked or replaced, the report is filled in by the mechanic who serviced the vehicle and any area which needs attention is noted or repaired.

We use top quality Total Engine Oil or Valvoline Engine Oil in every vehicle we service, Total and Valvoline are one of the only engine oils which are Type Approved by all vehicle manufacturers. The grade of the oil depends on the individual vehicle and is specified by the vehicle manufacturer.